Are you a homeowner in Austin looking to maximize your investment in short term rental properties? As expert property managers specializing in preparing homes for use as short term rentals, we understand the significance of creating inviting and stylish spaces that attract guests and boost your property’s potential.

In this blog post, we’ll explore interior design trends and market data relevant to Austin’s thriving short term rental market. By investing in high-quality interior design catered to short term rentals, you can enhance your property’s appeal, attract more guests, and earn more with your Austin property management team.

Understanding the Austin Short Term Rental Market

Austin, known for its vibrant cultural and social scenes, music festivals, and picturesque landscapes, attracts millions of tourists and travelers each year. Homeowners have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this booming travel market by investing in creative interior design that helps guests to enjoy comfortable stays while creating memorable experiences.

One of Austin’s defining features is its eclectic style – which should be reflected in your vacation rental home (to your taste). Blending modern, traditional, and bohemian elements will create a unique and engaging atmosphere that mirrors the city your guests are here to explore! Neutral base colors combined with pops of vibrant accents and greenery can bring a sense of energy and sophistication to your space. Think about incorporating local art pieces and southern-inspired elements for a cozy, charming touch.

Given the spacious nature of most properties in Texas, Homeowners can focus on creating welcoming social spaces that encourage guest interactions and gatherings to set their listings apart from hotel accommodations. Invest in comfortable and stylish furniture, including sectional sofas and large dining tables, to accommodate larger groups of guests. Enhance these spaces with decorative rugs, plush throw pillows, statement lighting fixtures, wallpaper, or murals to add warmth and personality to your listing images.

Emphasize Outdoor Spaces with Amenities 

Austin’s beautiful climate allows for enjoyable outdoor experiences year-round. Emphasize outdoor spaces with comfortable seating, sun loungers, shaded options, and back yard games (such as Giant Jenga, bocce ball, bag toss, etc.) to create an inviting oasis that guests will appreciate.

Pools are a sought-after amenity in Austin, particularly during the hot summer months. Make your pool area a standout feature by incorporating comfortable outdoor loungers, umbrellas, and poolside seating. Consider adding string lights or lanterns to create a magical atmosphere for evening swims or outdoor gatherings. Pool towels, floats, and a well-maintained pool area will be appreciated by guests looking to relax and enjoy their stay.

Chef’s Kitchen and BBQ Grills

A well-equipped kitchen is a significant selling point for short term rental properties. Invest in modern appliances, ample storage, and quality cookware to cater to guests who enjoy preparing meals during their stay. Consider providing a selection of local cookbooks, spices, oils, or other condiments to showcase Austin’s unique culinary offerings. Additionally, we recommend you install a large island or breakfast bar with seating, creating a communal space for guests to gather and interact.

Comfortable Bedroom Retreats

Pay special attention to the bedrooms. After all, most guests are in town to explore and, after a long day, are expecting to get a good night’s sleep.

Comfortable mattresses and pillows with high-quality linens are essential for a restful night’s sleep. Use layered textiles, such as throw blankets and pillows, to add colored elements that will catch the eye of potential guests. Incorporate nightstands with charging stations and ample storage solutions to cater to your guests’ convenience. Additionally, consider incorporating Austin-themed artwork or photography in the bedrooms to showcase local flair.

Unique Touches and Amenities

Distinguish your property by adding unique touches and amenities that cater to guests’ needs and desires. Consider installing a gaming system, pool table, or a cozy reading nook to keep guests happy while in your home and earn high quality reviews.

Additionally, more unique amenities such as pools, hot tubs, saunas, and home theater systems can help you stand out in guest searches – resulting in more bookings and higher revenue!

Partnering with a Professional Property Management Team

Finally, to ensure your investment in interior design and property amenities pays off, collaborate with a professional property management team in Austin. An experienced team can help you optimize pricing, marketing, and guest communications. They will also ensure that your property is well-maintained and managed, enhancing its reputation and attracting more bookings as, in the post-pandemic world, cleanliness is a top priority for guests.

For a truly “at home” feel, each GuestSpaces rental is equipped with a full kitchen and all of the essentials:

High Speed WiFi
Hotel-Quality Linens + Towels
Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Etc.
Laundry Supplies
Basic Toiletries
Paper Products
Iron + Ironing Boards
Hair Dryers

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